Michael Maguire

Michael Maguire serves as our Chief Technology Officer.  Mike has over 10 years of complex business systems analyst experience. He has experience with business critical systems support as well as customer facing software and systems. Mike has worked in many environments that require training in designing, creating, and implementing software that demands reliability, sustainability, and expandability. Mike has experience with many programming languages and constructs in addition to OS architecture training/support and an associate’s degree in Computer Network Systems from ITT Technical Institute. Currently, Mike is seeking his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Systems Security. Mike has several years of experience in the competitive gaming scene for CoD4 MW as well as CoD Black Ops.

He manages several servers for an online community that includes BF3, BFBC2, CoD4, CoD5 WaW, CoD Black Ops, Killing Floor, Minecraft, ArmAII, as well as server management for the database and webserver. Mike has also written several tools for the gaming community to use, which includes Paronicon/Paronicon2 which are now managing over 1,000 Call of Duty servers worldwide. Paronicon is a remote RCON tool that allows server administrators to manage their server while in game, not in game, as well as automatically without their supervision. It can handle multiple servers across multiple games to make the administrator’s job much easier. Mike’s Paronicon technology will be incorporated into the Company website.