WarZone Secure - The future of FPS Tournaments for PC

WarZone Secure® is the first online-FPS-competitive website of its kind

Offering 24/7 matches, scheduled on our dedicated servers and monitored automatically by our server-side, patented anti-cheat software.
WarZone Secure® offers cheat-protected FPS-Matches on a hosted infrastructure with cash-prizes and guaranteed prizes for every participant!

We started the project “WarZone Secure®” with the intention to revolutionize the online-gaming scene by offering something new and enticing, not only offering a hosted, cheat-protected, gaming-environment but also offering the chance of winning instant cash-prizes, transferred to your PayPal™-Account immediately.

WarZone Secure is developed in cooperation with competitive- and “regular”-gamers to ensure a state-of-the-art performance and feel of the entire process.
This professional integration starts with the consultation of professional gamers to look at the system and give their word of improvement on the workings, continues with in-depth beta-testing of new technologies by avid online-FPS-players and ends with our WarZone Secure Development Team, themselves being in the gaming-scene for over 30 years combined allows for a view on things in a way no regular outside-team could achieve.

Our patented “Win With Honor®” Anti-Cheat-Software operates on our dedicated servers and, by doing so, does not require any additional downloads apart from the game you want to play.
In addition the hosted solution offers a greater protection against manipulation of the Cheat-Protection itself in comparison to client-side systems.

We are currently re-inventing our first approach on this project

This complete overhaul because necessary for many reasons but first and foremost to improve the way our users and WarZone Secure® interact.
The rebuilding is performed under a new internal structure and with different borders as the first version of WarZone Secure was, additionally a lot of data from the previous releases is used to integrate additional features and more ways of playing the games our audience loves.
Starting with one of the most competitive Online-First-Person-Shooter-Games, Counter-Strike : Global Offensive, we will soon start our new adventure with new things like the ability to livestream games on our site and even quicker ways of linking games to WarZone Secure®-Accounts

To learn more and stay up-to-date with the development of WarZone Secure® Version 2.0 you can easily look in our Updates-Section here on Cyber Holdings, Inc. or, for even more info, visit WarZoneSecure.com and the WarZone Secure® Blog

WarZone Secure® is built for a fast and easy way into the first match

Sign Up – Link Your Game – Join a Match – Play – Earn Your Prizes!
Three steps until the game is running, five steps to earn cash-prizes.