WarZone Girls

WarZone Girls® is an online graphic novel series released on a quarterly basis.
We also market and sell WarZone Girls branded merchandise on the site via our Armory.
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Set in “the future” after the Last War, the single World Government exists to serve corporations who run the world.  The corporations are run by The Council, led by Marcus Lucadian, a former military General who is focused on the final subjugation of Mankind.  Aided by a hideous army of half-human/half robotic soldiers called Technocrats, Lucadian wages a war on all those who oppose The Council.  Enter the WarZone Girls…Solitaire (“El”), StealthFalcon, SteelWolf, SilentWidow, and SavageRain – the S-Squad…five female mercenaries targeted for immediate execution by the World Government.   These women are part of an underground resistance movement whose singular mission is to destroy The Council with the help of El’s brother, Alex Silver, code name “Honor”.  Honor works within The Council and secretly aids the WarZone Girls in their quest to save Mankind.