Our Company

Welcome to Cyber Holdings, Inc. and thank you for visiting our site. Formed in June 2011, we are a Delaware corporation operating and qualified to do business in California.


Below are some highlights and milestones that we’ve had over the past couple years at Cyber Holdings Inc.

June 2011 • Incorporated in Delaware

From the beginning, we wanted to be different. As an Internet-based entertainment company, our opportunities are broad and limitless. Our Team has never wavered on three key drivers: we will not raise more money than we need to accomplish defined and discreet objectives; we will respect and treat our investors as partners; and we will align ourselves with our investors by seeing the upside in our equity, not on salaries. And, of course, have fun doing it!

March 2012 • Completed first round of financing. Round was oversubscribed.

This round allowed us to initiate development of our WarZone Secure website and begin the process of protecting our Intellectual Property,

May 2013 • Launched Volume 1, Issue 1 of WarZone Girls®

Fascinated by an important statistic — 47% of ALL FPS Gamers are female — we decided to create a comic book series with an FPS “feel” to it with all female protagonists, but not with the traditional female-exploitative approach seen in many comic books. Our characters, the S-Squad, are smart, aggressive and focused on defeating those who wish to subjugate mankind.

August 2013 • Completed second round of financing. Round fully subscribed.

This round allowed us to bring both of our current web-sites to completion and begin the process of expanding our service offerings to our customers.

September 2013 • Secured first patent

Patents. Trademarks. Copyrights. Yeah, we got ‘em and we protect ‘em.

October 2013 • Initiated third round of financing

25% subscribed; terminated early in favor of REG A Financing; see below.

October 2013 • Completed third-party beta testing of WarZone Secure®

May 2014 • Initiated REG A Financing Process

Publicly Available at US SEC website
Click HERE for a copy of our Form 1-A as filed with the SEC (please note: we ask that you kindly check with the SEC link to obtain any amendments or additional information that we may file related to the Form 1-A). PLEASE NOTE: This document is being provided for informational purposes and is not intended to be nor should be construed to be a solicitation for the sale of securities.
Click on the link to the Alternative Securities Market website and additional information:

May 2014 • Introduced WarZone Secure®

Let the games begin!
Featuring Counter Strike:Global Offensive, FIVE competitive levels, including one level that is 100% FREE and one level that is exclusive for Large Organized Teams/Clans, GREAT Cash Prizes that you win INSTANTLY and all Gamers win something…GUARANTEED!

We are an Internet-based commercialization-stage entertainment organization currently focused on two businesses:

(1) Providing personal computer (PC), First-Person-Shooter (FPS) world-wide Matches for our customers through our WarZone Secure® web site, located at http://www.warzonesecure.com. Our customers can win cash and other prizes from our Matches. We introduced WarZone Secure in May 2014. As part of our service offering, we include our Win With Honor® anti-cheat technology, a proprietary, algorithm based approach to identifying and blocking cheaters. Our Win With Honor anti-cheat technology is server-side, so nothing to download, nothing to buy. We currently support one of the most popular FPS titles, “CounterStrike:GO”, primarily because it typically has between 100,000 and 400,000 FPS Gamers who play it on a daily basis. We plan on adding CounterStrike 1.6 and TeamFortress 2 within the next several months. Our business model indicates that by securing about 50,000 gamers who pay about $20.00 per month on our matches, we can achieve robust profitability and, we believe, the potential for a significant return on investment. our coded platform is amenable to addition of more titles, and we started with this title because of its popularity within the FPS gaming community, its draw for participants and because it garners some of the more active and large competitive teams. with the ability to add more into our coded platform. We provide the ability for many match sizes, from 2 vs. 2 to 6 vs, 6 (with larger match sizes available in the future based on customer demand) — and the bigger the Match size, the bigger the prize packages. We provide five competitive levels designed for all skill and interest levels:

FreeZone: a 100% FREE level that provides all of the features of our entry-fee based levels, including our patent-pending Win With Honor server-side anti-cheat technology…AND credit prizes that can be accumulated for use as entry fees in our other levels!
Standard: Entry fee of 50 credits ($0.25) with increasing credit prizes that can be accumulated for use as entry fees in our other levels, and FREE participation credits for non-winners.
Skill: Entry fee of 500 credits ($2.50) with cash and credit prizes, as well as FREE credits for non-winners.
High-Value: Entry fee of 1,000 credits ($5.00) with cash and credit prizes,a s well as FREE credits for non-winners.
Large,Organized Teams/Clans: Entry fee of 800 credits ($4.00) per Tam member, one cash or credit prize for the winning Team and FREE participation credits for all members of the non-winning team.
If you come in 1st, 2nd or 3rd in almost all of our Skill, High Value or Team matches, you can take your winning in cash or credits. Forget to make a choice? No problem…we give you 12 hours to do so!

(2) We also operate a companion website, WarZone Girls®, located at http://www.warzonegirls.com. Based upon the demographics of PC Gamers, nearly half of whom are female, we provide online graphic novels (comic books) based upon a story-line and all- female protagonists that are intended to direct PC Gamers to our main website. We issue one new edition of WarZone Girls each quarter, and began doing so in 2Q 2013.

(3) We have a minority ownership interest in Super Mackerel, Inc., a Delaware corporation formed in 2014 and based in Long Beach California that provides multi-media marketing services to their clients. Super Mackerel designed and implemented the new home page at WarZone Secure, as well as production of the instructional videos on that page.

The Cyber Holdings, Inc. website is intended to provide general information about Cyber Holdings, our Management Team, our Board of Directors, our Marketing Advisory Board, and the manner in which we operate our businesses.

Business Operations

As an entertainment company conducting business via the Internet, we are both broad-minded and opportunistic with respect to new ideas and potential businesses that can expand our business goals. Super Mackerel (see above) is an example of this philosophy…in exchange for helping them with business and legal services, we have secured an 20% equity-ownership interest in Super Mackerel, and can retain their marketing services at reduced costs. Our business is not limited to FPS video games or comic books. Over time, we expect to utilize this same business-philosophical approach to develop other web-sites for other specific video game types as well as other areas amenable to providing entertainment over the internet.

Our commercial operations are currently supported by WarZone Secure. We will derive revenue primarily from PC-FPS Matches where our customers can purchase Credits on our site to play the most popular PC-FPS games and potentially win cash and other prizes. Our site is scalable, and we plan on supporting more FPS titles every few months. Limited revenue may be derived from the sale of branded merchandise on both our WarZone Secure and WarZone Girls websites.

If you have an idea or would like to discuss having your business become part of our family, we would appreciate hearing from you. Feel free to contact us and we can begin the process with you!

Why FPS Games?

The demographics of PC-FPS enthusiasts drove our decision to initially focus on FPS video games:

  • The average age of FPS players is 30
  • Their median income is about $50,000
  • The Male/Female breakdown is 53/47
  • On average, the spend 6 hours a week playing these games
  • On average, they spend about $1,000 per year on computer equipment

By focusing on Internet -based matches, we avoid the problems inherent with console-type games, not the least of which being the incredibly high cost of buying the console and being required to essentially upgrade to the next new console on a regular basis. The fact is, consoles are waning in popularity because they are too expensive, they limit mobility, the graphics and sound cards are now really no different than a laptop computer, and almost all consoles require a monthly/annual fee for use.

Being niche oriented does not make us better — rather, it makes us focused on our customers and their needs. That is the difference at Cyber Holdings, Inc.
We plan on creating similar sites focused on other types of PC-based video games in the future.

WarZone Secure®

We eat, drink and breathe FPS on our WarZone Secure® match platform. Unlike our competitors, WarZone Secure was developed by FPS gamers for FPS gamers. Our development team is comprised of hard-core FPS gaming enthusiasts who, when they are not designing and developing websites, play FPS with the best of the best. Our development team is located across the United States and in Germany.

Customers of ours that play a Match are guaranteed to win something. No other video gaming site can make that claim. None. We also provide server-side and patent-pending Win With Honor anti-cheat technology that monitors all of our Matches.

And…our prizes are quite good! Click here for more information.

WarZone Girls®

We view the WarZone Girls® graphic novel/comic book website as primarily a marketing tool for the WarZone Secure site. The last page of each issue is a full-page advertisement for WZS. If the series secures a following, our goal for WZG would be to out-license the characters for merchandising, as well as explore the potential for animated or live-action shorts or films. We currently sell merchandise on the WarZone Girl website, including branded clothing, backpacks and similar items.