Investor Information

All Investors can Invest in Companies listed on the Alternatve Securities Market (except the “ASM Global Private Market” and the “ASM Pooled Funds Market”), with minimum investments being from as little as $100 to a Maximum Minimum Investment of $1,000 USD. This gives ALL INVESTORS access to Alternative Investment Opportunities that may not have been available to them before. The Alternative Securities Market is the First and ONLY Public Access Site currently offering both a Primary and a Secondary Market for Alternative Securities.

Whether it is your first investment or your a repeat investor, investing in an alternative investment opportunities could not be easier, or safer!

Step One: Complete the appropriate Investor (separate questionnaires for institutional investors and advisors are also available) questionnaire below, and digitially sign online. All investors are allowed to invest in all opportunities in the ASM Venture Market and the ASM Main Market. Only Qualified and Investors and Accredited Investors will be granted access to investments in the ASM Global Private Market and the ASM Pooled Funds Market (some investment opportunities in the ASM Pooled Funds Market may be open to all investors)

After completing the online questionnaire, you will be placed
in a certain classification of investor class (Accredited, Non-accredited, Qualified, U.S. Citizen, non-U.S. Citizen, Fund Manager, Registered Investment Advisor, etc.). Also, all of the information you completed on the questionnaire will auto-populate into an investment subscription agreement or investment commitment each time you go to make an investment or commitment to invest in a company listed on the Alternative Securities Market.

Step Two: After completing Step One, an investment banker at the Alternative Securities Market will properly place you in your appropriate investor classification, and will open your “Secure Alternative Securities Market Online Investment Account” (a “username” and “initial password” will be emailed to you within 24 hours). YOU DO NOT NEED YOUR ONLINE ACCOUNT TO BE OPEN TO MAKE YOUR FIRST INVESTMENT(S). This online investment account will allow you to track your investments in Alternative Securities Market Listed Companies, allow you easy access to all financial reports of each company you are invested, allow you to market any of your stocks / bonds / notes to other investors, allows you to view any stocks / bonds / notes offered for sale by other investors and allows you access to investment opportunities BEFORE they are available to the rest of the investment community.

Step Three: After completing step One, you are already ready to make investments. Simply view Companies on the market in which you are considering making an investment, and review each Company’s private page here on the Alternative Securities Market. If it looks like an investment opportunity for you, simply click on the “Invest” tab at the lower left hand corner of the Company’s page to make an investment in the Company. After selecting the “Invest Tab” all the information you completed to open an account with the Alternative Securities Markets Group will auto-populate into the online subscription agreement, leaving you to choose the number of stocks / bonds / notes you wish to purchase. Within minutes of completeing the investment questions, you will be emailed detailed information on how to complete you investment online. Once your investment is complete, your digital stock certificates / notes / bonds will appear in your Private Online Alternative Securities Market Investment Account and in your personal email box!