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WarZone Girls®

Nearly half of all FPS gamers are female.
We created the graphic novel based on this demographic

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WarZone Secure®

Offering PC-Based FPS-Matches for individuals, small teams and clans.

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Cyber Holdings, Inc.

Cyber Holdings, Inc. is an Online-Entertainment company with business operations on two websites.

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Welcome to Cyber Holdings, Inc.

As an entertainment company conducting business via the Internet, we are both broad-minded and opportunistic. Our business is not limited to FPS video games or comic books. Over time, we expect to utilize this same business-philosophical approach to develop other web-sites for other specific video game types as well as other areas amenable to providing entertainment over the internet.
Our commercial operations are currently supported by WarZone Secure. We will derive revenue primarily from PC-FPS Matches where our customers can purchase Credits on our site to play the most popular PC-FPS games and potentially win cash and other prizes. Our site is scalable, and we plan on supporting more FPS titles every few months. Limited revenue may be derived from the sale of branded merchandise on both our WarZone Secure and WarZone Girls websites.

If you have an idea or would like to discuss having your business become part of our family, we would appreciate hearing from you. Feel free to contact us and we can begin the process with you!

WarZone Secure®

We eat, drink and breathe FPS on our WarZone Secure® match platform. Unlike our competitors, WarZone Secure was developed by FPS gamers for FPS gamers. Our development team is comprised of hard-core FPS gaming enthusiasts who, when they are not designing and developing websites, play FPS with the best of the best. Our development team is located across the United States and in Germany.

Customers of ours that play a Match are guaranteed to win something. No other video gaming site can make that claim. None. We also provide server-side and patent-pending Win With Honor anti-cheat technology that monitors all of our Matches.

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WarZone Girls®

We view the WarZone Girls® graphic novel/comic book website as primarily a marketing tool for the WarZone Secure site. The last page of each issue is a full-page advertisement for WZS. If the series secures a following, our goal for WZG would be to out-license the characters for merchandising, as well as explore the potential for animated or live-action shorts or films. We currently sell merchandise on the WarZone Girl website, including branded clothing, backpacks and similar items.

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Why FPS-Games?

The demographics of PC-FPS enthusiasts drove our decision to initially focus on FPS video games:

  • The average age of FPS players is 30
  • Their median income is about $50,000
  • The Male/Female breakdown is 53/47
  • On average, the spend 6 hours a week playing these games
  • On average, they spend about $1,000 per year on computer equipment

By focusing on Internet -based matches, we avoid the problems inherent with console-type games, not the least of which being the incredibly high cost of buying the console and being required to essentially upgrade to the next new console on a regular basis. The fact is, consoles are waning in popularity because they are too expensive, they limit mobility, the graphics and sound cards are now really no different than a laptop computer, and almost all consoles require a monthly/annual fee for use.

Being niche oriented does not make us better — rather, it makes us focused on our customers and their needs. That is the difference at Cyber Holdings, Inc.
We plan on creating similar sites focused on other types of PC-based video games in the future.