What is a REGULATION A Financing and how can ALL Investors Participate?


Read the following press release issued by Alternative Securities Market Group, who are working with Cyber Holdings, Inc. on a Regulation A Financing.

Los Angeles Based “Alternative Securities Markets Group” launches the First Private Stock Exchange for CrowdFunding that allows ALL CLASSES OF INVESTORS TO PARTICIPATE!
Los Angeles, CA – (Friday, May 8th, 2014)  In a move bound to shake-up the growing ‘CrowdFunding Industry’, The Beverly Hills, California based “ALTERNATIVE SECURITIES MARKETS GROUP” has filed a record TWENTY-ONE Regulation A Securities Registration Statements with the Washington D.C. Office of the Securities & Exchange Commission this week, a number that tops the total of all Regulation A Filings with the SEC Nationally all of last year, and anticipates filing 10-15 registration statements for Alternative Securities Market participants on a monthly basis moving forward.

Since the 1930’s, Regulation A has been unremarkable as a little known and seldom used “exemption” from the full SEC registration process – intended to allow smaller companies access public markets through a streamlined SEC registration process. Until recently, the number of Regulation A filings with the SEC were generally no more than 10-20 per year, with less than half every achieving qualification by the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission.

Today’s commonly known Solicitation Exemption for the Regulation D Securities Offerings (ie, “SEC Rule 504” and “SEC Rule 506” of Regulation D) only allows companies to publicly market and solicit investments from only the wealthiest 3% of Americans. This unequal access for the other 97% of Americans is eliminated with the Regulation A and a Company’s listing on the “Alternative Securities Market” (www.AlternativeSecuritiesMarket.com). The Filing of the Regulation A and listing on one of the two Regulation A Tiers the Alternative Securities Market (ASM Venture Market & the ASM Main Market) allows Listed Companies to publicly market and solicit investment from ALL INVESTORS, not just the wealthiest 3% of Americans, and allows investors of all classes to invest in “non-restricted securities” (free of the non-resale legends associated with Regulation D Securities) and invest for as little as $100 per investment.

Non-U.S. Citizens from all around the world are also allowed to investment in all companies listed on the Alternative Securities Market pursuant to Regulation S.

The added benefit to all private and institutional investors of the Alternative Securities Market is the “Increased Transparency” associated with the Companies listed on the Alternative Securities Market. All companies listed on the Alternative Securities Market with a Regulation A Offering have gone through a process of submission and review with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission, much like a company filing for an IPO and Listing on an Over-the-Counter Securities Exchange or Regulated Stock Exchange. Only after a complete review and qualification by the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission, and subsequent filings and reviews by State Securities Regulators, can a Company begin selling its securities to the public.

Once a Company listed on the Alternative Securities Market has their Securities Registration Statement deemed qualified by the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission and has completed its State Filings, the company becomes an “Alternative Securities Market public reporting Company”, which by Alternative Securities Market Definition obligates the Company to:

  1. Quarterly Un-Audited Financial Statements: Company to furnish all Investors and Alternative Securities Markets Group a complete set of un-audited financial statements within 30 days of the close of each business quarter. Company’s Quarterly Financial Statements to also be posted for public view on the Company’s page at www.AlternativeSecuritiesMarket.com
  2. Annual Audited Financial Statements: Company to furnish to all Investors and Alternative Securities Markets Group a complete set of third party audited financial statements within 60 days of the close of each business year. Company’s Annual Financial Statement to be posted for public view on the Company’s page at www.AlternativeSecuritiesMarket.com.
  3. Monthly State of the Company Letter to Investors: The CEO will issue to all Investors and to Alternative Securities Markets Group, a “Monthly State of the Company” letter detailing the current state of all business operations for the Company. Letter to be posted for public view on the Company’s page at www.AlternativeSecuritiesMarket.com.
  4. Quarterly Conference Call: The CEO or Executive of the Company will hold a quarterly  video / telephone conference call with investors no sooner than 10 days, but no greater than 30 days, after the posting of the Company’s quarterly financial report. The recorded Conference call will also be made available for public listen and/or viewing on the Company’s Page at www.AlternativeSecuritiesMarket.com.
  5. Corporate Actions: Company must disclose to all Investors and to Alternative Securities Markets Group all: Dividends, Stock Splits, New Stock Issues, Reverse Splits, Name Changes, Mergers, Acquisitions, Dissolutions, Bankruptcies or Liquidations. All must be reported to Investors and to Alternative Securities Markets Group no less than TEN CALENDAR DAYS prior to the record date.

These types of reporting requirements are not associated with Regulation D Offerings and are generally only associated with a company listed for trade on a Regulated Market.

Other advantages of the Alternative Securities Market:

  • Companies Seeking a listing of their Company’s Securities for Initial Direct Public Offering do not pay “upfront listing fees” like they would with an OTC Market Listing or Regulated Market Listing. The cost for a Company list on an OTC Market or Regulated Stock Market can cost a company from as little as $25K for an OTC Market Listing to more than Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars for Regulated Market Listings. Companies soliciting investments on Sites like Gust.com, EquityNet.com and other “crowdfunding sites” only pay nominal listing fees, but can only solicit investments from the richest 3% of Americans, and generally non-U.S. Investors either cannot invest, or the Company’s do not know how to allow a foreign investor to invest in their company. The Alternative Securities Markets Group becomes a Joint Venture partner with each company, taking a small equity stake in each listed company in lieu of any upfront cash deposits, and only charges each company a $75 per month public reporting fee for all SEC and Public Filings and Reportings. An Alternative Securities Market Listed Company is then marketed to both Institutional and Private Investors through the United States and Internationally, and is open to investments from Institutional Investors and Private Investors (accredited and non-accredited) from the United States and internationally. All marketing is handled by the Alternative Securities Markets Group.
  • Investors enjoy the Alternative Securities Market for many reasons. Investors can complete an investment from “start-to-finish” completely online without any need for printing, faxing, emailing, scanning, mailing checks or wiring funds. Investors also receive “non-restricted” securities with can be sold to other investors on the “ASM Secondary Trading Platform” (the industry’s ONLY secondary marketing platform for the resale of Regulation A Securities, Regulation S Securities and Regulation D Securities of Alternative Securities Market listed companies that have been public reporting for 6-12 months on the ASM Global Private Market Tier and have had their restrictive legends removed).  Other services for investors include “Self-Directed IRAs” and the New “ASM Fixed Income Mortgage Fund” which is a new revolutionary mortgage program designed to compete with the Reverse Mortgage Program, but has higher loan-to-values, no age restrictions and generates more income for the equitable portion of the borrower’s home than the traditional reverse mortgage.

Some of the initial Regulation A Registration Statements submitted this week to the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission for review are:

ASM Main Market: (Direct Initial Public Offerings of $1M to $5M USD)

  • BioSculpture Technology, Inc.
  • CreditSmartPro.com
  • Cyber Holdings, Inc.
  • ManeGain, Inc.
  • Networked Emergency Systems, Inc.
  • Omega Creamery, Inc.
  • Remington Energy Group, Inc.
  • Samba Gourmet Brazilian Pizza Company
  • StepOne Personal Health, Inc.

ASM Venture Market: (Direct Initial Public Offerings of $100K to $1M USD)

  • Diggers BBQ Franchises, Inc.
  • INTEX Program, Inc.
  • No Limit Games, Inc.
  • Sweet Unknown Studios, Inc.
  • XCalibur Shoes, Inc.

All SEC Filings can be found on each Company Page at www.AlternativeSecuritiesMarket.com.

The Alternative Securities Markets Group currently plans to increase the ASM Main Market for Regulation A Listings from the Five Million Dollar Maximum to the Fifty Million Dollar Maximum planned for Regulation A Plus / Regulation A Tier II when the SEC issues its effective order for the enactment of the Regulation A Rule Changes.

Additional Information about the Alternative Securities Markets Group and the Alternative Securities Market can be found at: http://www.AlternativeSecuritiesMarket.com

The Alternative Securities Markets Group can be followed on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/AltSecMarket

This press release shall not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy nor shall there be any sale of these securities in any state or jurisdiction in which such offer, solicitation or sale would be unlawful prior to registration or qualification under the securities laws of any such state or jurisdiction.

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